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3 Weeks! And Carina Press is awesome!

So it's less than three weeks until The Emperor's Arrow comes out and I'm super excited! I've been busy with edits for my next book, Enveloping Shadows, so I haven't been freaking out as much as I normally would.

I did receive the sweetest thing in the mail this week. The Carina Press team sent me a print out of my cover along with the nicest card from my editor, Angela, ever. I immediately framed the cover, it's currently hanging in my dining room, and have the card up on the mantle. It really made my day! Especially since before I got it I couldn't figure out what on earth I'd ordered that would have ended up at our village's tiny post office rather than the mailbox.

I'll be continuing my countdown to release day and the last week I'll really be ramping things up, so make sure you check back here for updates!

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