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Goodbye Amsterdam

Hello! Sorry for the absence of late. Those of you who subscribe to the newsletter will already know this, but I got married earlier this month and have been on my honeymoon ever since. As I type this I'm technically still on my honeymoon, but we're flying out tomorrow morning so it kind of feels like it's already over. I'll probably do a whole blog post about the wedding, most likely after I get the pictures from our photographer, but that won't be until later.

But because I've been kind of MIA, I thought I'd do a quick post about the honeymoon and the shenanigans we got up to. Which may or may not be because it's an excuse not to move...

Since my husband (it's hella weird to be writing that. I'm still not used to the whole married thing) hasn't done as much travelling as I have, I decided I should drag him around Europe and hit a couple of countries. So we started our adventures in Munich, arriving in time for Oktoberfest.

The above picture may or may not have been my dinner the first night. Yes, I adult super well. Munich was a ton of fun, as was Oktoberfest. We wandered around our first night and noticed how many people actually dressed up for Oktoberfest in lederhosen and dirndls. We came across a guy selling both, and since we'll likely never have the chance again, bought ourselves outfits which we wore the next day.

I'd like to say I kept my head at Oktoberfest but that would be a dirty lie. I have a very low alcohol tolerance and didn't really pay attention to how big our beers were. We only had two a piece, but they were 1-litre beers. Unsurprisingly, I got more than a little inebriated. My next mistake was suggesting we go into the fun house we found. The people there almost had to help me in the spinning tunnels since I would end up falling and just rolling around in them, slowly struggling my way out. I'm sure I looked all kinds of special. Curtis at least found it funny. As did a group of people near the exit who got to see my graceless crossing of the last tunnel.

After two days in Munich, we took a train into Paris. I had been there once in high school, but not since, so I was excited to see how things had changed and actually be able to drink openly (me and my friends may or may not have bought alcohol and drank it in our hotel rooms in high school. Because we were 16 and we could).

As Curtis had never been, we did some of the touristy things. We had amazing weather, so heading up the Eiffel Tower gave us amazing views. So did going up to Montmartre. We actually bought a painting there as a souvenir and because we've been looking for something nice for our bedroom (even a year and a half later, we're still slowly decorating our house). We also wandered the streets, got lost horribly (my fault as I have no sense of direction but insist on leading), and hit the Louvre. I also got to practice my French again, it's horribly rusty since I never get a chance to speak it normally, and was pleased to be able to say everything I needed to while only resorting to the odd English word.

From Paris we took another train to Amsterdam. We're lucky and one of our friends from our hometown (whose family actually lives in the same tiny village we live in now) lives in Amsterdam with his partner. On our first full day, we rented bikes and they took us on an amazing tour of the city. We saw pretty much everything, drank delicious beer, and learned more about the history of Amsterdam than I expected to. We also biked for almost four hours straight and then another hour and a half after that. As I haven't been on a bike for over a year, my body is still protesting that choice.

Today we wandered around, visited the infamous Sex Museum and Red Light District, ate dinner, and bought the last of our souvenirs. With both of us more than a little sore and with an early morning ahead of us, we've come back to the hotel early and I felt like writing a blog post. Or at least having an excuse to lie in bed and keep my legs still.

So that's what I've been up to for the past ten days. Shenanigans and having a great time with my now-husband! ^_^ Though I will admit to being happy that we're heading home. I miss my own bed, cooking my own food, and just moving at my usual speed. And now that the wedding nonsense is over and done with, I should have a lot more time to post more regularly!

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