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Enveloping Shadows: December 2016

I'm taking a brief break from grinning like an idiot about Arrow being out, seriously I don't think I'm ever going to stop being happy about actually having a book published, to talk a bit more about Shadows. As anyone who actually reads this may know, which is probably just my mother (Hi Mom!), my second book with Carina Press is coming out this year and is called Enveloping Shadows. It's currently slated for a December 2016 release. Once I get an official date, I'll post that here.

I will let you know that the cover for Shadows is done and is awesome! I had high hopes for the cover art after seeing Arrow's cover and I wasn't disappointed. I'll be doing a cover reveal later on.

In other news, I've been updating the website (there's a newsletter now), and trying to get things more sorted. If there's anything you think I should add to the website, just let me know! I'm pretty much still figuring out this whole author thing. Hence the rough-edges and weirdness you'll find all over this site. And anywhere else you happen to find me lurking on the internet. On that note, I'll leave you for today. I'm working on being better about posting here, so keep an eye out for updates. And sign up for the newsletter for exclusive extras!

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