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Wedding Dress

So I've officially gotten my wedding dress. It's a weird feeling and has really brought home the fact that I'm getting married. I mean, I'm wearing my ring and all that, but having a dress make it real, the venues I'm looking at aren't for any other event. They're for our wedding.

I am super excited about it though! Me, my sister, and my mom went up to Toronto to the Kleinfelds there (we have watched way too much Say Yes To The Dress which prompted the visit) and it was pretty great. Once the consultant got a better idea of what I was looking for, she actually managed to find not one but two dresses I really liked. Picking one was super hard! Though the one I have did make my mom cry, so it's obviously a winner. I'd post a picture but I want it to be a surprise for my fiance.

Now if I could just find a reception venue I like that's within my budget, I could relax.

#Wedding #weddingdress #generallife #family

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